Reviews for "Insectonator"

a cool game

I really like this game. It is simple to play and lots of weapons. Repetitive but I like to play games like this for that very reason sometimes.
I wish there was a way to save progress and come back later. I cant find a save feature anywhere and any time I leave the site or refresh page and come back, it is back to level one with only rock weapon again.
Other than lack of save option, I really like it.

want to know how to blow up nukes? heres the tip: drop the nuke then shoot it.

Yeeeeaaaahhh,it's a video game so yeah pretty interactive huh lol?Dude how can you throw down a nuke and not think to shoot it when nothing happens lol?Anyway,great addictive little game.A huge satisfying arsenal of weapons and plenty of different types of bugs to annihilate.A little repetitive though so maybe throw in something to break of the monotony if there happens to be a part two.

i can't belive nukes don't blow up