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Reviews for "Watermelon Bomb"


You can get 6/9 of the trophies by just rapid-firing all 99 of your watermelons on the tutorial level.

Cute little game otherwise.


Though it would've been nice to continue even after achieving $5000.

To those saying that some trophies are bugged, they aren't. I got them all (I'm screencapping for proof. LOL)
The most of the trophies must be done in one level. So it means you have to destroy 40 berries or 25 oranges just in ONE day, regardless of how many watermelons you have used.

Lots of bugs

Some of the trophies don't work. Other than that, it was a fun little game, but I really wish the game let me keep going at the end. It shouldn't have just stopped and forced me to start over.

not even a nice try.

the berry and orange trophies dont work.
the menu button at the end dosent work.
when the games over, thats it. nothing more.
the music is blegh
fix all of those, and you will have made an OK game.


great but 3/5and7/10 because you should make it have a keep playing button