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Reviews for "Watermelon Bomb"

I didn't really like this game

Pretty boring. Has potential though.


it is a very simple concept with real potential but there is never a dificulty increase or anything to keep my attention, i played to day 11 and got bored.

Really Easy but fun.

really easy. takes about 10 minutes to beat though. Fun none the less. I would love to see more levels and more types of fruit.

Great game.

This game is really fun, I think it jsut needs a few adjustments etc... One is that 5k is extremely easy to get in one round, I think it should be increased. Two, Make it so that once you've fully upgraded watermelons/explosion it says Fully Upgraded. I managed to buy them all and the last explosions upgrade is about 50k, that's a little ridiculous. Also I love the music.


pretty fun BUT, explain to me, EXPLAIN TO ME how we ARE supposed buy the stuff that costs more than $5k
WHY did you even make things that cost more than $5k if the game ends when we get $5k?????