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Reviews for "Watermelon Bomb"


A fun, simple, and short time waster. Very nice and cute!! ^3^

nice game

a bit on the short side but a fun little distraction none-the-less.

One thing that I hate

One thing I absolutely hate about these games is that you 'beat the game'. Dude, don't make me grind money to buy all these upgrades just to cut the game off and say "okay, you're done now!" No, I'm not done. I wanted to keep upgrading! I don't want to start over. So many games do this; do they really think this is an acceptable way of creating 'replay value'?

20/22 days

20 days: 405 480 pts

22 days: 390 240 pts

(in other words) EXCELLENT GAME!!!

Cute, catchy, simple

I adore the music and graphics. However, it doesn't have much going for it. Fun, yes. But after beating it once, that's pretty much it. Maybe different play modes, challenges, more fruits, etc. for more variety?