Reviews for "Emo Vs. Happiness"

One feature that would make it great.

Pause. A standard feature, and i found my self while playing this game to be wanting it because i was chatting with people while playing.

That sun beam occasionally hit me while i was being distracted nearly fully killing me.

RainbowHorse responds:

If we had time we would have added one :)

To me,you did a really good job

Although all the effort of entertaining people. 72 hours of works seems very quick to me. the average time of making games are usually 1 month or more. Graphics,drawings and everything else are good except the annoying music. I mean,do you feel annoyed by hearing it too? So i turned down my volume and continued to play. P.S Dont respond to what trollers say. Your work is awesome!!

RainbowHorse responds:

Thank you, i think i'll take your advice (gettin' kinda' borin' :P)

not bad for 72 hours

this was really good. solid controls, good music, and overall really addicting.

RainbowHorse responds:

Thank you, love the none trollers :)


its ok but you cant kill the smile rainbow

RainbowHorse responds:

He only has 3 lives, it's not that hard :)

bit easy but very fun

for 72 hours thou that a extemly good game and very addictive to :P

RainbowHorse responds:

Thank you, good the get reviews from people who understand how hard it is to make a game in just 72 hours :)