Reviews for "Emo Vs. Happiness"

I actually liked it

for 72 hours, this is a top notch game. the lag was a little annoying, but with the powerups and simply HOLDING DOWN THE SPACEBAR (like any normal person would do in a game like this) the lag doesnt happen. The music was great and there was that great sense of chaos I love in a game like these. Though it certainly isnt the best game Ive seen, i think it deserves some credit


I liked the big rainbow-y blob of happiness.

As for the game, I don't think it's *that* bad considering the short amount time it was made in. The controls are too slow, both for moving around and shooting. At first I thought the firing key was bugged, before realising you have to keep it pressed in order to shoot.

The enemy projectiles were quite unnoticeable, it would be a good idea to make them stand out more. It would also have been nice if I could get feedback on if my bullets hit the boss, make it flash when hit or add a healthbar or something so I know how I'm doing.

Still it could have been a lot worse. I liked the concept and the intro movie, and the boss laser attack. I am curious to see what you could come up with given a little more time.


the stori idea of emo vs happiness is funny . but as said before ... horrible graphic , horrible control , damn when the rainbow shoot laser is the only time i got near decent control over my plane .. well overall its seem like a great starting idea but badly exploited ... btw a crappy hack n slash would make more sense than a plane shooting crap


This is terrible, and no fun at all.
Well, lets see:

The music is ok
The controls are god awful, maneuvering is painfully slow, the attack button is unresponsive, the enemy designs are designs, as well as the rest of the graphics.

most importantly: It's just not fun to play.

even for a game made in 72 hours it's bad.


sorry the game just isn't fun, it has no point and the controls are bad. But I'm giving you 1/10 because the music is ok