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Reviews for "Duplicator"

Fun game

I loved the art style and the concept of the game. I didn't go through the whole game but it was very enjoyable as I played. I also found the music to be addictive and pleasing to my ears.

Needs little more work

The game kinda reminds me of Super Meat Boy even though it has different style. However, atmosphere is nicely done and i find controls unique. The graphics are really good and it's a good and interesting game. And i also like black and white style. Good job.

Quite good.

I enjoyed this game with its quirky but appealing art style, pleasant music, and imaginative gameplay. Not quite 'unique' but refreshing in its use of uncommonly-adopted elements.

As a few others, I cannot give this a perfect rating due to the grammatical...*roughness* of the messages.

(but please note that I'd still rate this game higher than many COMMERCIAL games that may have more polish, but less substance)

Soothing Game.

In essence, this game was pretty good. The music was calming, yet suspenseful, and the pixilated graphics added to the effect. The gameplay itself could use some refinement. There were some instances, where in trying to 100% levels, I would destroy a duplicate, and the energy would never reach me. Rather, it would stay down in the pit-of-death, or up in an unaccessable area. As far as a storyline goes, it had none. Now, this is not to say that storylines make the games. There are many great examples of games that were popular without a storyline, eg. Kitten Cannon. But my point is, if this game had a storyline, it might possible become even more immersive, and attention-grabbing. Back to the review, good game bro.
Keep up the good work! Looking forward to a second one. Also, by saying "awesome athmosphere", you create the pretense that there is some epic battle music or something. I think the word "relaxing" would fit much better into the context. ^^

Not bad, nice to see something different

Fun game, little difficult....Always good to have a challenge finally, keep it up