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Reviews for "Duplicator"

Good game, bad engrish.

I can tell it's a good game, but the poor translating is preventing me from being drawn in. The music's also freaking me out.. as I'm writing this...

Musics omg

The thing I truly love about the game is the music choice. I agree, I suck and I cant get passed the first few levels, might be because its 2 am and I'm tired as balls. But the music choice is breathtaking |D

Unable to complete the game.

You placed a box at a ledge, which prevents the player from jump to. I cannot see any way to move or destroy the box, that renders the game impossible to beat and progress.

It's an interesting game, but it just needs more testing done.

All your base is belong to us!

Didn't hold my interest for longer than 45 seconds.


it was ok, but i didnt think that it was anything special.