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Reviews for "Duplicator"


Ah cool b&w style! Also the Idea is pretty neat and cute .

Not bad

Quite relaxing, and the music rocks.

quite good

for a 2d cubeist platformer its quite original congrats everyone has said but love the music thats what kept me playing so glad you didnt opt for a more fitting 4-bit sound track

z3lf responds:

I wanted to keep a relaxed atmosphere in the game.

Really innovative!

I can't believe cloning objects hasn't been done in a puzzle platformer before, and I commend you for thinking of it. You manage to mix so many mechanics that could do great by themselves, but work even better together. One thing I would suggest, and this may not even apply(as I haven't finished the game yet), is adding some sort of story to it. "Go find your pet" isn't enough for me. I want to know what it is I'm playing as, what the setting is, and why this character has these abilities. Not every game needs a story, but I find that when a game can tell a great story that ties into its mechanics, it goes beyond greatness. But gameplay is certainly top priority and you did an outstanding job.

9 OUT OF 10