Reviews for "What's the Worst"


Poor audio quality and that 'girl' voice is annoying.
I was expecting something random but funny.

GotRedOnYou responds:

Thanks for your crap support. A ZERO HONESTLY? 48 hours of animation and your giving it a though ZERO, just don't bother giving it a review if you cant look at something critically.

Understand animation and effort before slating someone just to ruin someone's day!

It was good but the gag kills it.

I was really enjoying this flash from the design of the characters to the shaky fbf. I even thought the voice suited the animation but that dog bit was horrible. Y'all really couldn't think of anything funnier?

Great job on the animation though.

GotRedOnYou responds:

ask the write about that one. We just made the toon.


-GREAT frame by frame animation
-Good character design and drawing
-Bad voice acting
-Really mot that funny

I didn't like it

At first I thought the animation was good. I mean it was decent, then the dog came along and it's just like wth? A dog in a school? Then the girl was selfish enough to say NO afterward and I'm just like wtf. It was an un-happy ending to and un-happy flash. I give a 4 because I liked the drawing style.

that was surprising

Didn't expect that!