Reviews for "What's the Worst"


Animation was good...jokes lacking a lot of value, just spend more time developing a good storyline and you'll gain my 10


not bad...good animation...audio is pretty good...too short...nice ending :] girl seemed to be on crack

no, just no.

audio is bad, animation needs improvement, "Punch-Line" wasn't that funny, and it was far to short. I don't get why you did this but hey, 2 for effort, eh?

GotRedOnYou responds:

Because your animation is brilliant?

how not funny

just wasnt funny at all. Wasn't clever

GotRedOnYou responds:

neither was your review?


Good animation and drawings. I can say for this one, "hey at least you tried." I'm sorry but it's really poorly written, the ending isn't very interesting and is more like a gimmick...

Next time try studying some comedy and script writing.

GotRedOnYou responds:

There is more effort with artwork and animation than that of the writing and audio, how is this a worthy 3? This is just plain non-understandable