Reviews for "What's the Worst"

life . . .

great metaphore

I'm very surprised this got front page.

Okay, great idea, not exactly...up to par execution. The idea of a boy trying to think up what would happen if he were to ask a girl to a dance could be pretty funny, and it was...for the brief period of time that it happened. But the whole thing was killed mostly from the voice acting. From the monotonous voice of the green haired kid (which in it of itself is a whole bunch of questions waiting to happen), to Emily who sounds like a little kid over Xbox LIVE. The only thing that I really enjoyed, was the fact that right when she said yes a dog bit him arm off. Not as bad as getting nuked, but still pretty bad. :D
Until I heard his voice acting again. I mean, you'd think he'd be screaming in pain if a dog ripped him ARM OFF!!! The best voice acting was the screaming sound clip you put in, but that wasn't original voice acting.

So, What's the Worst thing about this video? The voice acting. It had potential, but it falls short in the end. Gets a 7 from me for obvious effort.

GotRedOnYou responds:

It got front page, as its part of the movie jam, also. Normally i do all the work myself, including voices and sfx, but as we had to work in a team, the best we got out of the audio was that of which you just heard.
Also we only had 48Hours, of which all the time i was animating as a team member dropped out, otherwise I would have added my own sounds too.

A little less critical next time over a cartoon that has more effort than some and was completed over a tight schedule.


What a twist! XP

Lots of potential.

If you just worked on your recording a bit more its fine, great fluid animation, and a nice stlye, 7/10 3/5

Pretty good

Good animation, I liked it, though maybe you could have come up with something a a little more clever? I was expecting something more funny. But still great

GotRedOnYou responds:

We followed the story given to us ;)