Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


A great game
I love beat em ups/fighters
i like the arrange of arm transformations and alot of upgrades!
the mochi coins upgrades are cool to.
I really like the wide arrange of combos though!
Im gonna get the premiun version once its out!

This right here, this makes me happy.

This game is excellent. It's on par with if not better than the old fighting games for the NES. I think I now have a fall-back game for when my dad is hogging the X-Box.

really like the fight scheme

I would love to work on a 3D version of these type of games : 3 .

Loved it :D

My only problem with the game is the main character. I'd prefer to play with some tough-guy character like Dante from DMC and he looks like a wimp. He could also use some originality, he wears a really plain outfit and gets boring after a while. The gameplay is great, though.

Great game!

There's a decent amount of depth to the combo system for a flash game, a nice variety of enemies and a reasonable learning curve as far a difficulty. Not nearly as hard as other reviewers claim, I was able to get through easy mode without dying except during the boss fight with the giant robot. The leveling system and achievements as well as survival mode ensure there is plenty to do after conquering story mode.