Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"

Even the main screen is epic!

This is the best game I've seen on here in a good while.


much easy

Intresting fighting system

The thing that is unique in this game is that you can own the weak guys and then when a boss comes , you completly underestimate him and he just kills you in like 5 hits

Amazing game.

Firstly, Orgin. Try buying a blade arm and punching him with a heavy punch in the head and making him sit, then keep on attacking.
To the reveiw. This is a compleatly amazing game. The graphics are good and remind me of some old Street Fighter games and even Metal Slug games.
The controls are unique, very hard to learn at first. But once you get used to them, the game is awesome.
Good background music. Some parts can be hard, but you just need to become stronger or find ways to kill easier or whatnot.
This is the type of Flash that actually be a ONLINE GAME.
Co-Op would be good to later on.
I can't think of more to say. :p

Epic game.

the only problem I see is the possibility of hurting your wrist from playing too much.