Reviews for "Arm of Revenge"


its a damn good game, but rather difficult at times, cant get past that damned giant robot thing lol but above all its a good game. keep up the good work!

Pretty good game

The game itself is pretty awesome, I hate seeing all the people complain about the bosses, you guys just need to learn to block and "Just Defend"-ing really helps a lot. You gotta grind a bit to get stronger but that's what makes this game pretty neat, I wouldn't wanna just run through this game with ease and that'd be it. Plus all the skills require some qualifications, making the game really good to replay. I'm stuck on Bloody Fox in Hard Mode, Hard mode is damn near impossible, I'm not sure if I'll even be able to take Extreme mode. There are a few glitches in it, such as fighting an enemy on a slanted hill, if you're at the bottom you've got an advantage but it was annoying to get used to when I first started. The game freezes sometimes when you click quit, which also got kind of annoying when I'd be trying to grind. At one point I knocked an enemy off the screen and he didn't come back, I tried shooting in his direction but nothing happened. This only happened once so I don't know if it's a huge bug that happens a lot. But I think that's it for the bugs I encountered. Also, if anyone feels like farming a lot of xp then you should definitely go for that 5000 xp skill, it's pretty hax when there aren't too many enemies on your screen, with that I breezed through normal mode.

nicely done

Great game otherwise.


very very nice game!!


dude you're epic
i have nothing so say anymore