Reviews for "Riddles of Renaissance"

Very, very interesting

I love it. I found out so much by only playing this game, and awakened my curiosity to find out some more by myself.

Also, the first and last medal were a bit tricky, but I finally got all of them ;)

mrty responds:

It's good to know that I managed to get some people more interested in art. Thanks for the review!

Entertaining !

Pretty good, I liked it. The challenge wasn't so easy, and everyone could make it to the end with a bit of motivation. The music was changing and very likeable as it fitted the art, I liked that. The riddles were interesting and funny for some of them, good job. Although I'm rating it a 9, because the 3 levels of difficulty had the same paintings in the same order, and I think it would have been nice to put some more.

But guys, what the hell is with the highest scores ??

mrty responds:

I'll remove the scoreboard soon. There are too many hackers that manage to outsmart me, and people just don't know how to appreciate such a feature.

Fantastic medal game

another game i dont do very well in but was able to snag a few medals in, now this is the type of game you really learn, you made the game last a {LONG} time and thats good because it makes you think on things, some of the {PAINTINGS} were pretty easy but some were also hard, i love the effort you have put fourth on this one, you gave it that extra touch and making it gold, so nice effort on your part, i loved it, The {MUSIC} could be changes or give a much better {VARIATY} of choices so that the user can enjoy it especially since the game does take awhile if you sit through it, The game sure is a great learning experience, so it will take time for some of the stuff but i had fun learning some stuff i have forgot or didnt know hehe, now as for the {IMPROVING} basicly i think if you added a {2ND} option of {HINTS} but there should be a much bigger penalty for using it ofcourse, but anyways good jobe on a fantastic and neat idea of a game, one of the better ones i have seen in awhile.

I suggested a 2nd hint option at a great cost though, and some variaty in the music aswell

Fantastic game for the ages painings of the world you can never go wrong.


mrty responds:

A second hint would basically be a walkthrough, wouldn't you think?

Thanks for the detailed review.


Don't even try to get a high score. It's already been hacked and someone's gotten 300. It won't even let me submit my score. It just tells me to sign up even though I'm already logged in.

The Art Historian medal doesn't work, unless there's a 59th painting that has to do with the 3rd secret achievement.


this is a good game and (as i see it) also pretty hard. in other words: i like it