Reviews for "Devotion"


I played this for 10 seconds and I aleaddy found a bug! when the rocks fall down, and make a hole, I didnt fall corectly into the hole and then I got stuck. All I can do now is press left and right to view the platform game. ( so yes I can see where the background stops )

HappyBlack responds:

Thanks for reporting!
Sorry for that ;/

This reminds me of "Colour my... " Games,

But sincerely i love this game, and the music really fits it, well done

Free fall...

... in love.
Another game that made me cry. :'( *sobb*
Really beautiful

Nice game

really wondervoll ending

Short but sweet

This is great. The music went really well with the game and all that but there is the glitch of falling sometimes when you get too close to the rocks in the first part. I hope you continue making cool stuff like this.

Btw, cool ending.

HappyBlack responds: