Reviews for "Devotion"

Great game

I have understood the idea and everything, it is very dramatic yet fun.
Really good design and gameplay.
Great job.


It was really sad, and amazingly well done. The graphics were clear, and the animations were crisp. I really enjoyed it, and I highly recommended that you keep making games.

Could be better

Despite the sloppy jump issues, the game is very good, the music and the art are superb!

However, the story itself it's kinda confuse, i mean, it's not clear what was the purpose of the game, it's not touching neither emotional.

But, I see a lot of potential on you man! For a first game it's pretty good, so I hope you keep making good flash games and keep improving =D

Not going to lie.

I cried a little bit at the end. Maybe it was the music or what happened, but... Damn.
As for the game itself, I adored the music and design. Nothing fancy was needed-- just a few simple designs and let the game do the rest. The controls were a bit off, but my keyboard may be to blame for that. I liked how short it was, but at the same time, I can see this game being longer.

All in all, wonderful game, but I can see some room for improvement.

Very Nice :D

A little storyline behind why the ending turned out as so would be nice, but as far as the game goes, smooth play and props for pixels :3 Just one minor glitch near the elevator that warps you past the rocks (Unless thats Intentional of course) other than that, it was fun~ Good Job :3