Reviews for "Devotion"

Maybe you should update your computer and stop running it on windows 98, DarkFiber. Game worked perfectly. 5/5 Great concept

There is something wrong with this game. I just started and I got past the tiny jumping puzzle. I was at the part where the rock falls in the middle of the tunnel and makes a hole in the floor. I was running towards it at the same time it disappeared. Then when it was gone so was my character. All I could do was float the screen around but everything that wasn't in my line of sight was completely white. A little tip, make sure your game is actually playable before you put it online. Thanks.

HappyBlack responds:

Will keep it in mind. ( :

I feel that it is sweet, I give it a 8.5/10

That surely is a great game, one that we can call art

This game proves that games can be a work of art.