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Reviews for "Across the Universe Ep.2"

It was really good, but...

This had some major issues mainly the lip-sync animation(like you said). Also at the end it looked like he was running in slow motion. You also need to make things look more uniform. While somethings look great, like the people or the robot, other things look bad in comparison, like the cars or buildings. I think your trying too hard to make it look good, at times the detail is really high, but then it gets lowed. The pseudo 3D look is a nice idea, but in the end detail shouldn't be sacrificed for it. I also watched this on youtube and the same problems still bugged me. Just rise the detail levels in your line work, lose the 3D look, and try using the simpler anime style shading. I think the whole thing will look better overall. Still great job, can't wait for the next one.


Sure the art is neat, but the storytelling is dreadful. You've got a generic male protagonist, and a cliché female protagonist with some random crazy hair color. The female character is the all too familiar actiony emotionless mysterious girl, and she couldn't even keep that much consistent, what with her girly scream when... whatever it was that happened, happened. It's hard for me to feel invested in a story when I could care less about the characters. Also, the animation was way to slow at times, but I'm sure that's been mentioned before.

5/10 for the art alone



Great work with the intensity in both episodes.

It has the same feeling of strangeness and wonder like the TV shows X-Files and The Twilight Zone, but includes action as like The Matrix and The Ghost in the Shell. The art seems to be take more time, but the time is well spent. Some reviews explained the artistic details are greatly put together.

Great ending to catch the audience in a suspense. I think the next episode isn't going to be the last one.


I love it I can't wait to see what happens next. Though I loved the graphics in ep.1 because it seemed so anime like you know? This one is different or is it part of the scene where they're in the alter universe?