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Reviews for "Across the Universe Ep.2"


This is actually pretty good.
Some mentioned the previous ep is better but I haven't watch any previous episodes before, so I can't compare it.
So far i think the major issues are already mentioned. Just work on the pacing especially if you are still using 3D. Currently the pacing is too even, thats why it feels a little slow, you could make some parts faster and some parts slower.
And also the backgrounds looks really plain now, its probably a hassle to model the backgrounds, so for still shorts i think its better to draw in flash.
The characters may look a little generic but still acceptable.
And this episode is also a little short, maybe you could add in the fight at the end.
Overall i think there's a lot of potential and i look forward to future installments. Great job :D

i got crits

1. your opening menu is bad, i stared at it for 20 seconds waiting for a movie to play. Put some sort of indication that you're supposed to mouse over and click the buttons.

2. Why aren't the graphics in standard flash vectors?

very nice

i noticed from your initial ATU to episode 2 that your style of art changed dramatically. I like the approach. I have a good assumption that episode 3 will be amazing. Keep up the good work dude.

to be honest....

everything here is unique...but story progress is slow..and ....fast actions are a little TOO detailed...making them seem slow.

What's so bad

I must say, this was pretty good, like the people before me said there where ofcourse some points of attention. but still i've seen flash animations and what not, that had much less attention given to them but without the shitload of people whining about the animation. people have to be patient.

You'll get better in the weeks, months and years to come,
I look forward to your next installment!