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Reviews for "Across the Universe Ep.2"

something different

i like it kinda reminds e of the matrix cant wait to see ep 3 : )


this is a great flash but its way to short, i was all into it too, good job

great animation.....script uuuuhhhhhh

the animation was great. the chaning of body parts rotating into the foreground looked incredible awesome. One gripe about the animation is the way facil expressions don't change all that much. biggest problem with the the animation was probably the script. This could be because maybe some of the lines were deliverd kinda blandly or due to some of the cliche lines. "why walk when you can roll".........i think a better line could have been something simpler like...."we'll take my car"

Great - but man, long wait! :-)

I've been waiting for this one to come out. As intriguing as I'd hoped. Now, please, don't make the next one take quite so long if you can help it - 2 years is a long time to wait for a next installment. ;-) Still, thanks for sharing & keep it up! :-)

This was the Beatles

Lucy in the sky with diamonds!