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Reviews for "Little Big Apocalypse 1"


Very thought invoking. Can't wait for the rest of the series. And I thoroughly enjoyed the rough animation. Very artsy and LBP-esque.


Who the hell are you?

Loved that :P

Somethings lacking.

When I saw this in the flash portal with a high ranking I had high hopes. I love the game Little Big planet, and I was happy someone was finally making an animation about it. With all of these high hopes I was sort of disappointed when I clicked the video. The story line was kind of cool, but the animation was un-detailed and not smooth. I'm guessing the fps you used is 12. I also thought the drawing was deeply lacking something. I don't mean to troll and I have nothing against you in particular, but with such high hopes, I was let down. Congratz on the high score, and good luck for the future.


JMartin97 responds:

21 fps :D

Sorry you didnt enjoy it. This is only the first episode, remember :)

about the concept...

This is an interesting concept. At first it looks like a NG redux of the movie "9" set to Little Big Planet, but as the story unfolds instead of the "eyes" trying to absorb the Sackboy, they instead ask for help. Looks promising.

I like this more than i think I should

This is a strangely pleasing video for me. I mean the animation isn't detailed and thorough but I find it appealing for the most part, it is different.

However, when getting to the scene of the eyes, the frames dropped quite a bit which really distracted my focus. Another small quibble is the subtitles, they are a bit to subtle and do not grab my attention much thus find it a little hard to read. That's just me anyway.

The storyline on the other hand looks set to be quite interesting! I do like the subttle quirkiness too, ie. The playstation triangle above the sackboys head, did make me chuckle.

And finally I'm liking the blend of music, gives a good sense of atmosphere.

You know what, whilst writing this I actually upped the rating even more! I look forward to the next episodes!