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Reviews for "Little Big Apocalypse 1"


sackboys body isnt like that


I don't own a ps3 or lbp, so I sadly never got to play the levels that you made. Based on this episode alone, you left many holes to be filled in. That should keep people curious to come back and watch later episodes to see how it all adds up.

Of course the style is great, which I expected based on your work with Reboot.

The one thing that I may think might be a turn off for some people here is all of the reading... I bet there are lots of people who don't want to read about something they don't know about, so they just rate the video low and close it. Quite sad, but there isn't much you can do about those people though I suppose.

Anyway, I liked it and will be waiting for more.

Good, very good

Your graphics and animation techniques are excellent, though I've never played Little Big Planet I'm pretty sure you did a very good job in comparing it. The story is sort of off-track... How did a Sack-boy from a game emerge into the real world? But I guess that will be explained later, so gd luck.

JMartin97 responds:

How Sackboy exists is a big question in the series.. but it's answered.. and it's not supernatural.


kinda good, but choppy. Graphics could use some touch up... but overall above average

its pretty good

it was really enjoyable it has a good plot and the idea that the flash was based on levels you made on little big planet is pretty original though there is a small problem with sackboy its pretty good, and i might try out your levels sometime.

JMartin97 responds:

thanks, I hope you can check em out! :D