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Reviews for "Subterra"

How glitchy :|

Don't want to sound like a broken record but....

So I stopped for a few seconds to read stuff and when I checked back I was falling through the floor and into an underground lab with invisible walls. I swear I didn't touch the keyboard >___<. Also I found I could pretty much walk over any terrain(except that which was taller than me) and small gaps between platforms. *checks back on game* Oh, now the screen is just black. Sorry, the story had me interested but the overall experience was painfully glitchy.

debug/fix overall

to be honest this seemed interesting then i moved slow and saw invisible walls a whole character height above their desired location when the whole bottom of the screen turned greenish color, most of this after i did the mario cave glitch of running on top of the map

Oh my goodness


A whole lot of things that arent supposed to Im pretty sure.

What... The... F-

What just happened? The dude moved SO SLOW, and he jumped forever. But I won by jumping out of the cave and falling into the darkness...