Reviews for "Subterra"


Apparently I won. I don't really know how. Looked cool at first, then I finished it too easily. :/

(I jumped outside the cave and the into the darkness.)

Has potential

I think it could be good, but it needs a story line that goes by a bit faster. Also, to have more controls; I can't seem to get past a "duck under that stalactite" part.


SP.note: I hope Insanctuary didn't mind....

WingDemon responds:

well, it was 12:19 almost 20 minutes after game jam ended when i decided to stick in music, so i just added it. i wasn't really paying attention, but under the creative commons license that Insanctuary used and all that stuff written in the Audio Submit page, when submitting music to the audio portal, flash artists have the right, as long as i don't use it for commercial purposes, and/or take credit for it. i have given Insanctuary credit for the track, and there are NO FLASH ADS in the game. so he has nothing on me.


Take this back and make it good please.

WingDemon responds:

Its your own game..... meh anyway, ill work on it later today.


So I see idiot- monarch have made a good char, it was him right ?
But about gameplay I am sorry guys , but it was kind a boring, I do not finished it, but only thing wich was telling me to play was music.
It was misterious and nice. :)
Sorry but I can give you guys just 6.
Sorry MrRandomist and Monarch.

WingDemon responds:

what about me??? I'll spiff it up a bit.

Way too slow.

Felt like I could doze off just walking across one screen's worth of ground. I can only suggest to speed it up a little.

WingDemon responds:

constructive critic taken. I will speed it up noble SIR!