Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

Seen Better

The graphics remind me of retro games and i like em so thumbs up for that.
But theirs a flaw in every game.
Your Level Select screen Was the first thing that blew my top.
Even after i refresh then that empty screen comes up
I Appreciate you tried but there are aways games better.
The 2nd thing was controll.
I Pressed left for half a sec and i was already shooting of the platform.
3rd was the low challange. I Felt like you could just make a flash movie instead.
To fix this, give him less options
eg. cant lift certain spawns.
There are zones were you change what spawn you use. ect. ect.
I Hope this helps.
Otherwise it was a great game.
The storyline was fun and the ideas were unique.
I Hope you make more,

Good game

Sadly I had trouble playing it because of keys "sticking".

Great game

Great game, I loved it.

About the paper cut thing, I would be drowning in blood by now...


Fun game, great idea!
Too bad I am horrible at it. oh well

Torture to the weak minded.

wonderful ending, reminds me of games like ^^^^^ but the game only ends when the player quits and the level select screen doesnt work after you beat the game or even finish a level