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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

this stupid game is freak and the creators too. i am very disapointed and mad ¡are all the creators retarded or waht! >:(

cool and very fun

Unique and fun at first but a little monotony sets in after a bit and (maybe just me) you kinda lose interest.

So much fun, am gonna have to stop playing it though. Nice graphics and game idea.

Little confused as to the for mummy/daddy weapons, do they suddenly wake up at those times, or are they plain lazy? There seems to be a fairly steep difficulty increase after 2am, with those sir killalot type robots that appear, more gradual would be good.

Marbles seem fairly useless to me, they shift them back a couple inches which hardly seems worth the effort to me.

Weapons upgrade fairly nicely. Maybe some sort of 'life' system? Even if it's just that you have one life till 2am (cos it's just the kid) mum comes along so it's then 2 lives, and when dad comes you get a third?

Death Christmast¡