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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

oh crap.

the grinch destroyed whoville


completely badass ending. awesome work


I really like this its a challenge but it depends a little bit to much on luck...for instance i would be caught with almost 10 things to kill and nothing to do it with. Just maybe tweak the chance of getting a good weapon and this could be perfect


creepy the baby deaths are disturbing


Is your game like somewhat....GLITCHED maybe??? So,a fighting game maker decides to take on the sportish side of making games and decides to make a boring bowling game...uhh yeah! Like hell. The ball is so unresponsive to my controls,so it is totally impossible to reach the 1500 medal! Besides that,there is an issue with some of the upgrade medals which I was not rewarded with. And I found out to my displeasure that the punch is not upgraded when playing Time Attack mode. In Time mode your punch is as weak as in te beginning of the story mode. That aside I was barely able to withstand their onslaught for 1 minute let alone several minutes! This is a joke beyond compare. I found myself numerous times with 1 weapon and like 10 enemies which you cannot hold back anymore in their bloodthirst! And it takes too long to accomplish Story mode,it is dumb and mindless clicking and destroying of your mouse,sorry the game just gets tedious and utterly boring. For what I had over 9600 $ only at 3 AM night,and for what the onslaught became ridiculously hard,it would have been a nice addition to provide us with more military arsenal and traps just like in ''Home alone'' or the sequel ''Home alone: Lost in New York''. This would have been a major twist to this game to really make it like in the movie with ingenious traps and stuff! Sadly this game doesn't reach any expectations which a casual fun game should accomplish. This game is far from being fun.