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Reviews for "Poltergifts"

Really great game. The only considerable flaw is its tendency to abruptly lag and freeze. Although, it has entertained me more than any other E-rated game on this site. I hope that I'll find similar games on Newgrounds, because I genuinely loved this one.

this is some sought video game horror

Fun, wish there wasn't so many of them, just saying.


Great game that i've beaten it many times over for beating toy monsters in giftwraps. BUT theres one problem: Time mode is broken: It Spontaneously freezes in its place when your in a long period in slaying monsters quickly trying to stay alive by all means necessary in it.

It has happened to me many times over while i was trying to beat it within 15 minutes in order to get the Helltime medal but to no avail due to spontaneous freeze ups, Preventing me to achieve that goal. My best advice if you have the time is to update it and fix the time mode to prevent constant freeze ups from it. If you could not, Then its impossible by all means to win it, That this mode is self aware and does not want me to complete it by any means. Thank you for poltergifts that it is way past time and thank you for listening.

MegaMan87X signing off.