Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"

I must agree

This shows a lot of talent, fine job my good sir!

cool update

Very good job.
It's funny how the "classic" techniques in animation employed by some of the greats like Disney, now strikes us as something new and refreshing.
Great way to treat the difference between the light of day in a Veleda against the darkness of the dragon's lair in a typical blackboard.
To criticize something in your next project (because I hope there will be a "next project" soon), should be more careful with the lighting of the premises where U are filming images, as well as the movement of the camera is sometimes a little unstable .
10/10 deserved anyway ;-)

Funny, cute and well done.

It's awesome, made me smile, really good.

Truly an epic masterpiece

most people dont realise how amazing this is, to get everything right with marker and chark, the drawings look perfect, the boards arnt smudged up with erased marker/chalk, and the simple idea of being different, using your post it notes and whatnot, being unique, using that idea to its fullest extent, and performing it wonderfully is, in my opinion, enough to get you to the front page itself, not specifically from quality (which is superb, i couldnt draw anything that good and to that scale even with all the materials you've used and then some) but from a creative aspect, sure it may be a cliche idea but the way you show it is hardly used in the digital era, and you are obviously skilled in it

I really

liked the whole feeling of the movie...i love stop motion animation and the whole stationary background was really a new idea for me ! i guess that made your life a bit easier with the whole making of the movie but it was entertaining without a doubt ! we all love fancy graphics etc but usually the simplest of things are the ones that really amaze us ! 10/10 5/5 !