Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"


i loved every aspect of this short film and i think you deserve every single star you get. Keep up the good work.

LOVE this

haha very unique man, i liked the sound effects too!

Sorry post-it knight

The princess is in another castle...

Very nice,

Creative, funny, and just plain FUN. Loved it. Good story, told in a very entertaining way. 10/10!

Secondary audio track?

The second time I played it I got an audio track where the king said something about him getting news about contaminoids invading this sector... Lol not a damn clue what the hell that's from but I'm frantically trying to hear it again because I accidentally refreshed when I heard that.

MittT responds:

lol, thats actually a glitch that has to do with the newgrounds ad api, it's happened to me, too