Reviews for "The Post-it Knight"


Full of effort


The art and animation style was cool. I give it 10 stars.

Cool animation!

I liked the whiteboard animation with the sticky notes.
Also nice OOT music in background :D

what else

What else can i say but FREKIN AWESOME

To the guy below me:

First of all, stop saying stop and go; it's called stop-motion. It's even on the loading screen.
Second of all, all animation requires skill, and is extremely tedious. You realize that cartoons take huge production teams 9 months to make a 30 minute cartoon, and that the first animated films were stop-motion (Snow White etc.) Also, some of the best recent animated films are stop-motion (Tim Burton's films (if you're into that), Wallace and Gromit, Fantastic Mr. Fox, few others).
As for the storyline. It's an extremely short film, and for case and purpose, it sufficed. He really couldn't introduce dialogue, because of a) the restrictions, and b) stylistic qualities, something you clearly do not understand. Also, parody/satire doesn't justify bad storylines. Tell me "dance flick" was a good movie with a straight face.

It's not that you don't appreciate stop-motion, it's that you don't appreciate/understand animation in general.

I really liked the style/theme (The waterfall, and the chalkboard "cave" were nice touches, but some things were a bit careless [erasing of lines, post-its were put on awkwardly for some reason]) for the record, I would still give this a 10. (Some people on NG expect some Chuck Jones-quality shit, damn).