Reviews for "A Fable II Experience 2"

Thus Fable 2 failed at living up to expectations.

Hilarious... and I wonder at this crap, too. Why only have to choose between a million pieces of gold, my zombie family, or hundreds of live revived? Did we just waste 9 hours of our life trying to take down dozens of men, balverines, hobbes, and trolls just to make our dog and bitchy wife come back to us? We just did. Oh, that's right, someone made a statue of me because I got a million gold. I get that every fifteen minutes. Oh, look, it's some bitch that called me names and kicked my dog dozens of times come back to life! See what I mean? Rewards were fail. And some other mechanics too...

This is so how it is.

Epicly animated and funny as all hell.

Knoxkast reference ftw!

Upon reading the Fun Facts, I saw that Rodriguez's name was a shoutout to Knoxkast radio. Robert and Jason are the bomb! and you too. And Rodriguez. and his dog. And dash. But not Jon.

Someone's gotta say it.....

Still as funny as the previous (if not funnier), and asking the questions we all asked.


Once again, a quality animation, with some good humor in it!