Reviews for "A Fable II Experience 2"


Now that is what I call funny and PWNAGE! XD

This... is... AWESOME!!!!

This is one of the funniest things in the world!!! Honestly though, it would have been funnier if Jon was the Evil Male XD! Makes alot more sense. You should do one where they fight a Banshee, and she keeps insulting them. Just an idea.

WhiteLightning responds:

It's funny you mention it, because he usually did play as the evil version. I just liked the way this one looked better.

Awwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I appreciate the effort you put into this


This rocks!

Dude, this flash is awesome! I kept laughing so hard, I had to watch it a second time to hear the other half of diologue I laughed through, and a third time just because it's so freakin' funny!

Okay. now that that's out of my system, review time.

The movie is based off the blockheaded hero with the bandana mask, Rodriguez Alcazorro, and his more than annoying sidekick, Jon, from the first FIIE. This time around, the two go through a bunch more random and crazy situations, where meyhem and hilarity ensues!

The cartoonish artwork added a nice touch to the equally cartoonish characters. the voicing was mostly done by the creator, Kyle Sullivan, with special assistance with the chracters hammer, played by assistant artist Jessica Padgett, and Lucien, voiced by the real-life Jon.

The comedy is as amazingly good as the first, which is not so normally said about sequals to parodies. The zany personalities of the characters make this a fun and creative flash movie!

There's even extra's where you can listen to deleted audio clips, find a link to the first FIIE, and even read up on interesting facts about the movie and it's predecessor.

Overall, this flash movie is, by far, one of the very best I've found on Newgrounds so far. I'll always keep a close eye on this one in my favorites bar!

WhiteLightning responds:

Hey, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it so much. And you even almost spelled the name right :)


The ending was hilarious! I almost cried when he said, "You too Murgo! This was all your fault in the first place!" "No, no, no, no no no no!!" within about 2 seconds lolz you are awesome