Reviews for "A Fable II Experience 2"

I Want These....Animations

Great, you sir, are a master comedian and a great animator!

jon is just like my fat nerd friend

wont stop kilin the vilagers. wont stop screwin around. you needa do fable 3 man.

Another hilarious flash!

I am now tempted to play, dispite my earlier claims of this game being nothing but woodchopping and other meanial chores. 83


Have watched this countless times but never reviewed. Pretty much exactly how the game panned out for me so I found everything hilarious, especially the blank paper scene. Can't wait for Fable III experience if it's in the works.

WhiteLightning responds:

It will be, promise.

HAHAHAHA i cracked up so much

the beginning sounded like something that wouldve been on family guy. The game epically failed but this is hilariously true and asking everything we haVE WONDERED so GOOOOOOOOD JOOOOB DUDE.