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Hm, I'm not sure if this game is to be taken seriously or not. I think I don't want to take it seriously but see it more like a parody of some medal games on newgrounds.

Yes, I can see that this game was inspired by OCD+ (which I thought was a pretty good game, as it infuriated some of the "medal whores" on NG, which was funny to look at) but I don't think this game here offers the same quality as OCD+.

However, I still like the presentation of this game. The music you chose for the game selection screen is very relaxing and fits quite well there. I also like the idea of hiding codes throughout the games which I later need to reach "the core" (whatever that may be).
But I don't have an OCD or at least none that would drive me into completing this game, so... I won't complete it. ^^

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Well, if OCD wasn't bad enough, since we stand here looking at a game where 10,000 clicks of the mouse translates to a few points on Newgrounds is really iffy for those people that oh so desperately want the points. Your game does have the infuriating quality to it. Personally, I'm not entirely convinced that this is something that you can be proud of.

Congratulations, you've made a parody of a successful, if highly confusing game. I think that the way that you've made it such a close parody, but have just gone all out there to put very little actual assistance into the game itself takes something away on an "originality" basis. With that in mind, you have got NG Medals there, although they are pointless at present. If only I could solve some of these puzzles and see that these long codes that look far too long and useless to make much sense are worth it. A shame really that I got code 3 and 5, but not any other ones...

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Argh. My head's going to explode.

This game is infuriating. Seriously. I'm not a huge fan of games like this, but I have to give you a lot of credit for putting it all together so nicely. The whole package screams of polish. Representative of the unorganized, scattered thinking that this game requires, the static background is very fitting; The chilled music as the theme works really well with the mood.

Gameplay, however, is a different story. Like I said, this kind of game is really not my bag. I gave the games a shot, and I was stumped or plain beaten by all of them. I won't dock any points from you for my ineptitude as a player though; that'd be a dick move. What I'm docking you for is a lack of expanse in the game. You were inspired by OCD+; in that, I think you should have tried to surpass it. A ton of games, maybe even a lot of interactivity between them, as in one flowing into another or finding a code in one that makes another a lot easier-- just spitballing here.

Three games just wasn't enough variety for me, even though I sucked at all of them. It felt like you didn't take enough artistic risks. I give you the most credit for "Radio," though, because the design was ingenious. "0111..." was no creative stretch to make, I'm sure, but it suited the game because it was incredibly frustrating. "Trap Trap" was kind of nuts. I was really lost for a while, but that's just a sign you did well.

All in all, there's a ton of room for you to improve. Sit down and think about how to confuse people, but give them just enough to get by. Give the game to some of your buddies beforehand and see if they can figure the new tasks out without help. If they can't tone it down; if they do it too quickly, take it up a notch until they really have to work at it, because that's the kind of experience one tries to achieve in a game like this.

You scored major points for style and presentation; which I really couldn't improve on. There were a couple grammatical mistakes, but probably nothing that would bother most people. I doubt the average audience member would even notice. PM me if you want to discuss it. Really, the only thing that you could improve on is the quality of the gaming experience. Make the viewer say "Wow!" Make them feel that their hard spent time working on the game was well worth it. Make them want to come back. When you do that, you're going to have a blockbuster of a game.

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Well it's rather unfortunate that the medals for this weren't approved, as it is based on a game that's a pain in the ass because the whole principle is getting through it to get the medals. Now it's hard, but there's no reward, so the motivation to play through it just about disappeared.

I'm a bit curious why these weren't approved, or if you could resubmit them. It's a great game, the design is just like OCD and I think you did a great job on this, but it's entire purpose was defeated.

The different games you have here are good, much like the one's in OCD especially with the radio and the code. I couldn't figure out anything with the radio, that one's really tough. Trap was super easy to get the first one, no clue on the second one though. Props to anyone who beat this and didn't get any well deserved medals.

Keep up the good work man, and let me know if these get approved somehow. Maybe you can even make a sequel to this with some even better games, that would be quite enjoyable.


Finally beaten it. Its been crazy hard. It had me looking off on complete wrong topics like morse code and messing with audio tracks. But SOMEHOW I beat it in the end. Thanks for keeping me entertained this long! But I still dont know how I beat radio.

Also, you should be able to copy paste the codes easier, rather than have to type them separately and then paste them in.