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What is this?

It's just a ton of numbers.


can not play the game but i like the song so this rating is for the song

and the game a give 0/10


it's not so hard game out of the game Trap trap:Answer :Trap.(Write it in the game)
Got it (Medal:Trap Trap),You get the medal "Code" when proceed to the menu!!!!
Radio???!!!!!!! I Dont got it , so about the code in trap trap,Remember or write somewhere i dont care

Oh god no...

Nice sort of tribute.. thing.. to OCD+ as if that hasn't scarred and traumatized me bad enough. But was pretty neat, it really gave me the same effect I got when I was playing OCD+ and such like the same type of music at the beginning and the same menu layout. I admit though, it is way too hard. Like when you have to memorize the Binary.

I think you should add medals to it so we get more than a couple days wasted. maybe contact an Admin.? I don't really know how the medals system works. I think it would be easier to make the Binary level in flash then solve it! It kind of sucks that you have to play EVERY game to get the passwords though, not really knowing what it will accomplish in my pathetic life of nothing. takes a lot of time too... unless I cheat and screen-cap the code like a little butthole.

The radio game is very hard too.. and it even says to just press random buttons. And as for the "trap" game, I won't even mention. But overall pretty witty of you and a very good sequel to the original. Just maybe work on the variety on the games and how the difficulty is set on them.

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Very hard game

I have to say this is almost like OCD except you're being encouraged to play through each and every last game to get all the passwords for the core in the game, that being said, this is a very difficult game to play with.

Gameplay: Very hard, time consuming, and requiring a good amount of memorizing and thought.

Audio: The choice in music was to say the least... very classy except for the white noise for the computer code mini-game, very good audio choices.

Overall: I can't really say that much about the game aside from it being difficult and time consuming.

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