Reviews for "=Core="

Good, but hard.

I believe your inspiration can be appreciated by everyone who played OCD+, so this game is proof of that. Almost everything was based on this, which changes is the gameplay, I believe it is not so frustrating and not works only to unlock medals.

But I have some complaints:
Why not make these codes with fewer letters and numbers? It's nice to spend more time trying to copy these codes, but does not look good to fill those little textboxes in the Core with the codes so large?!! And for me, would not differ much effort to copy it and paste to enter a code into the Core (since pressing "x" back to the menu, press this key while typing the code does the same), if only strive to find those secrets worthwhile.

The game is only hard because you has to use your head a lot to guess what you have to do: would be nice to make it more obvious? The description for the Radio game seems useless because I've tried several ways to represent this description and nothing works!

The music was good in everything.

In overall, this game has a good concept, and the binary one was great. But I think it is not enough yet, you need to add more things and secrets, and reduce the difficulty. 6/10, 3/5

Since your medals didn't get approved,

Could you at least tell us how many we should be looking for? Or something to that effect?

Kinda TOO hard

The style of the game is very good, but its very VERY hard, anyway it's a good way to pass the time

The style was good

It is a pity this was rejected for medals, because this would have ranked up with OCD+ as a truly frustrating game. I think this managed to be even more difficult, but it was a good idea to release this on 111110. I heard that on this day the robots were going to invade us, but it turned out there was just going to be a game about it. The graphics are nice enough, not that you are really caring about that while playing this. At least you were nice enough to give us a (0-point) medal for simply activating the game. The OCD+ game wasn't even nice enough to do that.


very good graphics but the game is really hard!, however, a great game to pass the time.