Reviews for ""The Waxwork" Preview"


is the contest over?


I was worried a bit when you didn't have the character's mouths move, but then the doctor's did. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing the rest of it. And I am definitely going to look up Burrage's story now!

RWA responds:

Nice! Thanks! :)
Story's definitely worth reading

Good Work

The link doesn't lead to anything, nor can I find the correct movie anywhere on youtube. Also it might be worth noting that there was a silent film called "Waxworks" made in 1927 which likely inspired Burrage to write his story.

RWA responds:

The link is correct, but Newgrounds breaks it apart. When you paste it into the navigation bar, you have to delete empty spaces for link to be proper. :)
(e.g. ...youtube.com/wa tch...)

I wasn't aware of the fact that this movie inspired the story (but still, I don't believe that is something relevant to be mentioned).

Anyways, thanks for the rating, glad you enjoyed the movie! :)

awesome. actually scared me...

bro dis is awesome didt scare me but it came close to scarring me