Reviews for "Carve n' Share"


long time that i've logged in on newgrounds
and thi!s was the first game i played , it's awesome to test your drawing skillz :p so fun and nicely !
10/10 for that

Good little game

Really creative, original, fun little game.

Haven't decided what's the most exciting: carving pumpkins or zero-bombing those made by others :) Ar ar ar!


Nice new idea ;D

Fun, Simple And Creative... Brilliant!!!

Really awesome!!!... Fun, simple and creative! Just draw on the pumpkin simply... Nothing more makes this brilliant!
But from some reason, people really like to draw dicks on their pumpkins...

It'sa Me, Mario!

This is absolutely brilliant. A great flash for people to spend tiem on and just relax and have fun. It's funny how something I drew in 5 minutes can top the list, haha. The sharing properties are great and the rating system is well done also, no voting more than once and you can't upvote yourself. A great game overall and I'd like to see opacity and more colors coming in next time, if possible, lol.