Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

Nice game

I wonder how many pumpkins show up with a penis carved into them.

WHAT?! It *IS* Newgrounds after all...

Evil-Dog responds:

A LOT hahaha


Definitely loving this! It's cool to see the "Best" page filling up with some nice pumpkin designs! *Continues to compete*

This is seriously fun

Really simple and straight forward.. Love the kinda mini competition for best pumpkin carving even though there aren't that many quality ones so far. Loving it.


DAMN! I made this ballin' pumpkin of the newgrounds logo and I tried to jack-in after I finished it because it wouldn't share, BAD MOVE! My pumpkin is now M.I.A., and I spent like 1 1/2 hours making it...PLEASE make a save button!!!

good stuff

a good way to start halloween