Reviews for "Carve n' Share"


done so many carvings, how do we vote? is there somthing there or.....

Couldn't Share, Lost Pumpkin

Spent a half-hour making a great looking pumpkin, tried to share it, but only got denied. It made two beeping noises after trying to "Communicate" for a few seconds, and it seemingly didn't work.

I tried about 10 different names, all to no avail. Eventually I tried to read the reviews to see if anyone else had the problem, but I left the page and lost my pumpkin.

Only realized about 10 minutes after closing the window in complete frustration that I needed to be logged-in. All could've been avoided if it simply said "Please login" or something. :(

Great game, but seriously frustrating when I sat there trying to share my creation for 5 minutes with no given reason for why I was getting denied.


lol adorable.

Cool, simple and fun. lol. funny man. it's simple but it works.

I love the music too!!!!
well done team.


this is great ive shared tons of stuff.

very impressive

this game is very simple but really fun