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Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

the art looks great and the music is nice the game itself is pretty fun to past time with

your game is epic not only is good for the carving purposes but its actually scary, i was playing and carving then that foo@#%# music i am playing almost right after midnight i stare at my pumpkin and i feel it staring at me like its waiting to jump into me
ps: i am in shock, the only thing i could say could be better is that you can see very well where the cursor(where the carving/healing point)is so just making it a bit better but bruh you need to calm down with the music also just realized that the save function is broken

very cool

awesome game

Awesome! And made one for October 31, which is tomorrow!!..
(Or today, for some other people with different time-zones to me..)..