Reviews for "Carve n' Share"

Nice game, made my own pumpkin. Ran into trouble - my creation was showed as empty one, with pumpkin not carved at all. First I thought it was the browser issue and tried Opera and Firefox, but they both failed. It seems that the problem is in creation title lengh. When it's long - the problem appears. When I made it shorter, everything went allright. Sorry if this wa already reported, but maybe it's worth mentioning in description or fixing.

This is a lot of fun and a great way to unleash your creativity. Only one problem: there's a lot of spam, and some it is inappropriate for an E-rated game.

wow this is just like ms paint but you carve pumpkins. good work dude

I would like some variation to the Pumpkin's colour before it's been shaved off. Just to make the game fresh again.
All considered, GOOD JOB MAN!

IDFK THIS GAME IS JUST AMAZING! Good job Evil-Dog, poxpower, and Halloween_Satire.