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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

How dark and depressing

I don't want to live in a world where potato guns makes people explode and where cell phones are so few.

Still, its fun in its own little way. If only some of the logical errors I mentioned are addressed, it would've been slightly better.

where to start

I liked the game. I liked the guns. I liked the concept. My issues with this game that prevented it from being a 10 were A) The ammo had way too short of time till it started blinking to disapear for the amount of zombies coming and how quickly u ran out of ammo B) need a better weopon changing system than having to click the numbers or at least have it auto change once u run out of ammo. C) well there was goin to b a c but i cant remember it now. GOOD game tho

Entertaining, but no save feature

It entertaining, the weapons are absurd but fun, but it needs a save feature. Thats all i can complain about because everything else is good.

Cool idea and good graphics

Cool idea. Kinda easy for a while but it was a really fun and addictive game.

the ending is so sad and funny at the same time
but i give 4 stars cuz of the wired walk and death animations oh and by the way