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Reviews for "Undead Highway"

Very Good

A great game. I love all the improvized weapons. Only problem I had was that it's two hard to switch weapons when one runs out. Might help if keys Q and E were to cycle you through your currently loaded weapons. Also might be a good idea if you attomaticly switched to another if you run out of ammo, maybe to the 9mm.

you got this idea from:

dead rising 2 and/or 1

Pretty fun

But I had a problem with how fast the crates would dissapear. I would kill zombies and go to get a crate but 5 more zombies would charge right at me before I could get to it. And I found changing weapons to be kind of hard. I would run out of ammo with one weapon and when trying to change to another weapon I would get swarmed looking for a good one. Basically the zombies cvame a bit fast. But anyway that could just be my preference. But it was fun and I liked the creative weapons.

Entertaining :)

I liked it and played it to the end. Great little ending there. Some nice and creative weapons

Interesting and unique.