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Reviews for "Undead Highway"


Well...its a good game but there are rooms for improvement. Like other users stated,the crates disappear too fast! Its pretty hard to get to the crates in time especially when tha zombies keep following me like bloody dogs.

Simply put it,if i want to get the crate left behind by a zombie,i would have to sacrifice my life points. Nevertheless,u put in effort to make this a good game so well done!

pretty cool

but it seems like the makeshift weapons of combined random items was already done by dead rising 2. Though these were some very cool ideas and the gameplay was a bit repetitive, it was fun. Try submitting a few of these weapon ideas to tapeitordie.com.


another game of zombies, and i like it!!! haha, besides i like Dead frontier so that's why you get 8 ;), the only bad thing that i see is that it is a little bit repetitive and sometimes you get bored but it is a good game

It was fun!

But repetative... Enjoyed the different weapons though!

not bad

it definetly has a alot of potential but theres a few things that u need to work on. For instence the controls are a bit sticky at times and i run out of ammo too quiickly ( though that might be me and not the game) but besides that great game and id like to see more like it