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Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

Okay so i see everyone complaining. I went to Gretel and Hansel Facebook There this one person explain of Gretel and Hansel. This person say "Oct 15th, 2014 makopudding responds: And i apologize for being under the radar. I hate sharing no news, but unfortunately sometime that's all I've got. In the game industry sometime you aren't allowed to talk about projects and i was under a 2 year contract preventing me from working on the game. But now that is over and we are doing our best to bring part 3 to life. I can't say much more right now but a lot of thought and work has gone into it and Gretel and Hansel isn't forgotten. It's very hard to make free games for your only living, so obviously we've had other jobs that have also prevented us from competing the game. But i won't be satisfied unless Gretel and Hansel 3 gets finished."

It's obvious you don't care enough to fix this glitch so one star it is

FIX THIS GLTICH. IVE BEEN PERIODICALLY CHECKING TO SEE IF IT'S BEEN FIXED FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW. I JUST WANNA REPLAY MY FAVORITE NEW GROUNDS GAME. EVERY COMMENT HERE IS COMPLAINING ABOUT IT HOW HAS IT NOT BEEN FIXED YET. The game has a 5 star rating from me but im putting this comment at a 1 until yall fix this. I get if yall haven't looked at this game in ages but this is really unprofessional of you.

i neeed to play this gameee, please fix the glitch that comes after dining at woodman's dining room, you can't move anymore :/// I NEED TO PLAY ITTT

i absolutely love it! i played it on a diff site to complete it years ago, but now , it glitches and it seems i cant control Gretel with the WASD nor with the arrow keys, after killing that wood man. grateful if you could fix that...thanks :)