Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

i neeed to play this gameee, please fix the glitch that comes after dining at woodman's dining room, you can't move anymore :/// I NEED TO PLAY ITTT

i absolutely love it! i played it on a diff site to complete it years ago, but now , it glitches and it seems i cant control Gretel with the WASD nor with the arrow keys, after killing that wood man. grateful if you could fix that...thanks :)

You should probably fix this game. For some reason, I am stuck right after I kill that wooden tree man, and as soon as it cuts to the fireplace area in the cave, I can't move Gretel or do much of anything except open my inventory. I don't think this game for whatever reason is compatible with Firefox anymore.

please fix it

I absolutely love this game and it's extremely enjoyable. Though, as everyone else is saying, A problem occurs after the incident with the Tree Being whom offers you 'Food'. Gretel is standing by the blocked exit as Hansel is standing on a wooden barrel where Gretel was presumably supposed to exit from. I am unable to move her with neither the WASD Function or Arrow Key Function. We would all absolutely love it if you could get to fixing and erasing this problem entirely. Yes, I did rate 5 stars. Which was merely because I had played, and completed, this game when it had been released. It is an absolute gem! The art style is very unique and the plot for this game is intriguing. We all dearly wish for you to eradicate the problem so we can play it once again, or for the very first time. Great work on developing this game in the first place!! I will forever treasure it as it has taken the place as one of my favourites.