Reviews for "Gretel and Hansel Part 2"

When I make it pass the tree guy and into the kitchen, the game seems to freeze. It won't let me walk around and Hansel is standing on a barrel, but I can still open my inventory and return to the main menu. I've played this game before and wanted to unlock all the medals. I really love this game. Please, fix the kitchen glitch.

It refuses to work!!!! after i walk into the kitchen, it freezes. I can open the bag but can't do anything else. FIX

I've played this game before and loved it, so I wanted to go back and play to get the medals. But now I'm having trouble. I get past the tree man and go into the kitchen, but it puts me on the other side of the kitchen without a bandanna, Hansel is on the barrel, and I can't move. Is this a problem with my browser? Or is this something you can fix? If so, please do!!!

amazing game PewDiePie, the youtuber played this, its how i found out about the game :)

If you can't finish the game, it's not worth anything.